Zohiko Plum tray,tableware Kyoto Japan 象彦 漆塗り 赤梅盆

Zohiko Plum tray,tableware Kyoto Japan 京都象彦 漆塗りの赤梅盆

京都漆器の老舗ブランド、象彦の美しい漆器の数々、Red Doors Japanではこの中から現代のインテリアにもなじむ、シンプルで洗練されたデザインの商品を選んでご紹介します。


Zohiko Plum tray 象彦 漆塗りの赤梅盆

Zohiko Plum tray


Beautiful Zohiko “urushi” lacquered tray.Established in Kyoto lacquer shops elephant Gen candy tray. It is carved in the shape of a plum tree, made the traditional candy tray.
Good condition with original box.

Top diameter : 24cm
Height : 1.8cm

About Zohiko

Kyoto-style Lacquerware Which Zohiko Presents Footsteps From the 1st Year of Kanbun 1661 Zoge-ya, the predecessor of Zohiko, started its operation to sell specialty tools and artistic lacquer goods for daily use in the 1st year of Kanbun (1661). Hikobei III was a craftsman who excelled at the lacquerware technique and was granted the title ”Master of Maki-e” by the Emperor. In the last stage of his life, he created a Maki-e panel, ’Fugen Bodhisattva on a white elephant’. The people of Kyoto were so charmed by the beauty of this image that they named it the ”Zohiko panel,” with ”Zo” being the first part of ’Zoge-ya’ and ”Hiko” being the first part of Hikobei’s first name. Since then, we have been developing and gaining a trusted reputation under the store name ’Zohiko’.



京都・岡崎の老舗 【京漆匠 象彦】


京都・岡崎の老舗 【京漆匠 象彦】

About Lacquer

Lacquerware is a craftwork unique to the East. It has been developed in lacquer producing countries such as Japan, China and Thailand. Japanese lacquerware has gained worldwide reputation so much so that over the years lacquerware started to be called ’japan’ collectively. For Kyoto-style lacquerware, only the best materials are selected. This particular lacquerware is characterized by its refined and elegant design as well as the strength and robust nature of the artwork. The beauty of its flat surface and sharp corners and its delicate finish are characteristics of this style.

漆器とは漆の木から採取した樹液を塗り重ねつくりあげる器のことを指します。木を乾燥させ、木地を制作、下地を行い、塗りを施し…と多くの工程を経て完成します。 また、一人の職人が最後まで作り上げることは珍しく、木地を作る「木地師」・塗りを行う「塗師」・蒔絵を行う「蒔絵師」と複数の職人で分担し、つくるのが一般的です。
漆器の特徴である保温性の高さ、軽さ、抗菌性から、吸物などの器として、また重箱など料理の詰め合わせの器として使われ続けています。 豪華な蒔絵の品はハレの日の道具、時には献上品として制作されてきました。現代では、日々の生活に合わせた器もあり、時代に合わせてその用途も幅広くなっています。

From official web site of Zohiko. 象彦公式HPより引用



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