Vintage Odate magewappa tray set Akita Japan 大館曲げわっぱトレイセット

Beautiful Japanese design.Vintage Odate magewappa tray set Akita Japan 大館曲げわっぱトレイセット

秋田県大館市の工芸品、大館曲げわっぱは江戸時代から伝わる秋田県伝統工芸品です。天然秋田杉を使った香りのいいおひつ、弁当箱、コップ、照明器具、お盆やトレイなどさまざまな商品が作られてきましたが、Red Doors Japanではこの中から現代のインテリアにもなじむ、シンプルで洗練されたデザインの商品を選んでご紹介します。


Vintage Odate magewappa tray set Akita Japan 大館曲げわっぱトレイセット




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Good design and good condition, rare item. 1 big tray and 10 small trays set. Please note that it’s slightly scratched.


Top diameter : 28cm Height : 2.6cm

About Odate Magewappa

‘Odate Magewappa’ is sang in Akita Ondo (dance song) and it started to be produced as a product in the late 17th Century. It had been introduced to the lower class samurais and was encouraged to do as their side job by the head of Odate Castle, Satake. Akita cedar tree has high flexibility and a beautiful grain. It is stripped thinly, dipped in hot water to make it soft and sewed with a bark of mountain cherry blossom. This simple and natural material with the bright bark and neat grain fits into the modern sensations. This beauty is also worldly known too. In 1980, it was designated as the country’s traditional craft product. The oketaru (tub or barrel) that was made out of the natural Akita cedar tree was also designated as a country’s traditional craft product in 1984.. It’s history dates back to Nara era. Nowadays, they produce crafts, such as, vases or any interior objects, which matches the modern life style without losing traditional essence. This product makes good use of the flexibility and the material of the natural Akita cedar tree and it is like a gem of crafts.



From official web site of Odate City Office. 大館市公式HPより引用


手技TEWAZA「大館曲げわっぱ」odate bentwood work

手技TEWAZA「大館曲げわっぱ」odate bentwood work/伝統工芸 青山スクエア Japan traditional crafts Aoyama Square



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